The new standard in crypto trading We are the developer of the first institutional grade
cryptocurrency trading software
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One in five financial institutions are considering cryptocurrency trading in 2018
Yet, action hasn't matched the level of interest. Traditional financial institutions have stayed away due to a lack of trading tools, limited access to liquidity, no easy way to trade and no market transparency. So, we developed a way for this to change.
Crypto Trading Platform
A professional crypto trading platform which integrates the best practices and tools from the stock market.
Our main goal is to merge crypto's promise with the best financial trading practices, leading to a new phase of crypto market growth. Support the change that will bring the power of Wall Street to crypto. Such a change will influence each and every crypto owner, including you!

Increases traders' productivity by drag-n-dropping windows to several monitors

Provides access to the major crypto Exchanges

Analysis of each individual trader's performance as well as a whole team

Market news module

Provides news updates on major developments affecting exchange price of each coin in trader’s portfolio

Licensed Crypto Broker

Helps to deposit and withdraw funds in fiat, mitigate risks and ensure compliance procedures

Post-trading Analytics

Analyses performance of each individual trader and the whole team


Find new trading opportunities instantly without having to search through 1,000s of individual currencies

Consolidated Order Book

Demonstrates market depth for improved trading decisions

Smart Order Routing

Executes your order based on the price that is currently available across various exchanges

Platform Security
Finsafe has a thing for security thus integrating Multi-factor Authentication for the traders, DDoS Protection, and Load Balancing, with a VPN Server as a shield to enable maximum protection and functional and infrastructural security.
  • High-Available VPN servers

  • DDoS protections for VPN servers

  • Security connection to Backend Server Trading platform

  • Low latency geo-distributed network within Backend Trading platform

How it works
Trading software
  • Consolidated OrderBook

  • Smart Order Routing

  • Market Screener

Crypto brockerage firm
  • Risks management

  • Funds insurance

  • Deposit /withdrawal of funds in fiat

Post-trading analytics
  • Analysis of performance for each individual trader and the whole team

News feed channel
  • Real time industry news feed

  • Guidance and reports

  • — Terminal
  • — Legal
  • — Analytics
  • — ECN

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Victor Murga


Jared Marks

Chief Technology Officer

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Institutional Trader

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Mary Sedova

Chief Legal Officer

Eugene Borisenko

Chief Marketing Officer

Olga Grigoryevskaya


Greg Diamond

Business Development Officer

Vasily Misura